Nasty – Realigion (BDHW)

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If I were the Brain and Nasty were Pinky, I imagine that our conversation about Realigion would go a little like this…

“What are we going to do today Tim?”

“The same thing as you do every day Nasty. Try to take over the world with your devastatingly brutal, heavy as a cast iron block V8 Hardcore”*

It’s nice to know that there are some things in life that you can depend on. The ’72 Oldsmobile 442 being the coolest car to ever roll off a production line, that Star Wars is and always will be a work of cinematic genius, that Marvel will always have the edge over DC and that Nasty will always deliver records designed to pound, pummel and beat you into submission. Nasty don’t mess around. They never have and never will and just get straight on with it, and to the point, with Realigion, by doing what they do best, and that is playing crushing, heavy on the metal, Hardcore. And Realigion is another dose of them doing what only they can, putting the hard in Hardcore and the metal in metalcore. It doesn’t get much harder, heavier, nastier or better than RealigionTim Cundle

*Pinky and the Brain is one of the coolest shows ever. End of story. And if you don’t agree, well, you’re wrong. And you can suck my hairy old man balls.

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