My Life In… Evan Jacobs (Anhedenia Films )

Evan Jacobs started Anhedenia Films in 1995. Since then he has have made and released over 30 films. Crossing several different genres from horror, sci-fi, romantic comedy, experimental, etc. (and sometimes mixing those genres up!), Anhedenia Films has seen home video move from tape, disc and to the now ubiquitous streaming format. In 2018 Evan started Anhedenia Films on Demand through Vimeo thus making all of his titles available in one place online.

When he started most of his movies were made around the hardcore punk scene. He used music from bands like Farside, Gameface, A Chorus of Disapproval, Iceburn, Ignite, Eleven-Thirty Four, etc. Many of the people from those bands have also acted in his films. Nearly 25 years later very little has changed in that regard.

One of his more hardcore-centric films, ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCENESTER, documenting the Orange County Hardcore Punk scene from 1990-1997, was released in 2012. All of his films can be found here

In addition to being a filmmaker, Evan also co-wrote BLACK FRIDAY which was eventually released through Universal Home Video. After that he teamed up with Louis Lombardi (THE SOPRANOS, ENTOURAGE, THE SPIRIT) for DOUGHBOYS, which came out from MTI Home Video. A screenplay he co-wrote titled KNOCKOUT starred Stone Cold Steve Austin and was released on DVD/Blu-ray from Phase 4. Lastly, a film he co-wrote titled A FATHER’S SECRET was released by the Lifetime Movie Network. To find out more about Evan, please visit his website

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