My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery

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My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery (Peaceville)
I have to start out by saying the cover of \’Feel The Misery\’ is the best My Dying Bride has for any of their albums. Such beauty obviously calls for music at the same high level. How could it not be, as the British doom-­meisters have rarely disappointed me. It\’s just the perfect balance of extreme metal and Aaron\’s lamenting vocals. In this day and age more and more bands look to their own past, incorporating bits and pieces of their rich history, Paradise Lost (\’The Plague Within\’) and Iron Maiden (\’Book Of Souls\’) come to mind. MDB uses the wide spectrum of various shades of black to make \’Feel The Misery\’ yet another trip towards the deepest circle of one\’s personal hell. \’A Map Of All Our Failures\’ (2012), which was the first album after the amazing, but wildly different, project \’Evinta\’ (2011), already had the cinematic marks of this different My Dying Bride, has found a natural follow­-up. Martijn Welzen

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