Murmur Tooth – Dropping Like Flies (Self)

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Wow.  You know those moments of absolute clarity that hit you like a twenty ton land-train, the ones that allow you to glimpse, just for a nano-second, the innermost workings of the universe, granting you a moment of absolute calm and peace of mind?  Yeah, well listening to Dropping Like Flies allows you to experience that moment over and over again, as it washes through ever atom of your being and whispers gloriously nihilistic Nick Cave and PJ Harvey inspired sweet nothings in your ear while gently stroking and probing at your cerebellum and lulling you into a state of musically induced joy. And what’s more,  this incredible record, it’s absolutely free. Yeah, you read that correctly, no need to fetch your glasses, I said it’s free. So what are you waiting for? Get it. Get it now.  Tim Cundle

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