Motor Sister – Ride

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Motor Sister – Ride CD (Metal Blade)
If you’re looking for straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll, no bullshit, heavy, dirty, mean… then ‘Ride’ is an album which fills those gaps. Fronted by the grimace tones of Mother Superior vocalist Jim Wilson and suitably backed by the riff-mongery of Anthrax’s Scott Ian the content echoes raw, bluesy, hard-edged tunes that lend slant on nothing short of pure heavy rock. Don’t expect anything new on ‘Ride’, but do expect to hear a band that plays it like they say it. Taken from a collection of old Mother Superior originals each deliverance has been given a new lease of life, a sizeable growth to the sound and a direct impetus of power that keeps the songs from becoming straight covers. There is pace during ‘A-Hole’, there is feeling and soulful-ness felt amongst ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’ and with the cunning card of modern recording technique benefiting the twelve tunes which create ‘Ride’, the over-all raw groove is still captured as a live rockin’ band… a feel for the music. It’s really hard to be original, and find a unique sound these days, but what Motor Sister do is solid, it’s good, and it doesn’t fall short of quality heavy rock ‘n’ roll. Mark Freebase

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