Moscow Death Brigade – Bad Accent Anthems (Fire and Flames)

While I’m getting a little long in the tooth, I’ve always been a Hardcore Kid and in all likelihood, always will be and have never really been a rap or hip hop fan. In fact, apart from a bunch of records by Necro, Public Enemy, Mister Hyde, NWA and the Beastie Boys I never really paid much attention to either of the sides (I don’t even know what differentiates rap from hip hop and vice versa) of the same genre coin. At least I didn’t until a couple of years ago when Moscow Death Brigade dropped Boltcutter on an unsuspecting world.

That record changed everything for me. It flipped every single preconceived idea and notion that I had about rap on their collective heads and became one of my top ten releases of 2017. And now MDB are about to release the follow-up, Bad Accent Anthems, to the aforementioned paradigm altering Boltcutter and it picks up exactly where its predecessor left off by slamming it’s eleven anthems home in a frenzy of urgent, hard hitting beats.

Built around tightly focused, intelligent and relatable lyrics and infectious, instantly memorable hooks and melodies that smack you upside your head before embracing you in a bear hug, Bad Accent Anthems is the sound of personal revolution and change. It’s everything punk rock was, is and should be condensed into hip hop and borrows the energy of thrash, crossover and Hardcore to create something new, something vital and something that proves that the barriers that previously separated us are a thing of the past.  If this is what tomorrow sounds like, then the future is so bright, we’re all going to have to wear shades. Tim Cundle

Bad Accent Anthems Vinyl and Collector\’s Edition pre-order starts March 30th.

Digital Pre-Order starts April 3rd.

CD pre-order of Bad Accent Anthems is now open.  Order the CD here

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