Mondo Drag – The Occulation of Light (Riding Easy)

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Did you ever have to sit at the dinner table while your folks spent what seemed like an eternity lecturing you about how good the sixties were and why they were so much better than anything going on today? Yeah, you know the one where they claim that all of the great music was made back then and nothing being produced today can even come close to it. Well, Mondo Drag is why they’re wrong and invalidates that argument with the frankly astounding ‘The Occulation of Light’. This organ driven, psychedelia fueled monster of an album sounds like it came straight from ’68, arriving on a time traveling flying saucer piloted by a crew made up of Iron Butterfly, The Doors, Focus and Deep Purple. It’s insanely catchy, groovy and more than a little brilliant. Who needs drugs when the tunes are this good? Far out man, far out… Tim Mass Movement

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