Mindset – Nothing Less EP (React!)


Talk about arriving late to the party – this is the first time I get to check out Baltimore-based Mindset, and it is their farewell release and they played their last ever UK show just a few days ago! These songs have all the hallmarks of the classic SXE sound from around 1990, a sound which I\’ll never get tired of hearing. This is a fantastic blend of later Chain Of Strength youth crew sounds, with the added noisier edge of bands like Undertow. There is a sense of urgency and it feels like Mindset are trying to express as much raw emotion as they can throughout the seven minute duration of this record. Without really being familiar with Mindset I can\’t really claim to be fussed about their break-up, other that it means they will have a good back-catalogue for me to dig into (I\’ve just noticed there is an EP collection released on CD by my mates at Refuse records, that\’s on the shopping list already!) and that no doubt a couple of great new bands will spring up out of the ashes. Having said that, these guys are already busy playing in some the likes of Praise, Angel Du$t, Turnstile and Give, so I expect nothing but good things to come. In the meantime, I\’ll be giving this modern take on the classic straight edge hardcore sound quite a few more spins. Tom Chapman

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