Mean Jeans – Tight New Dimension (Fat Wreck)

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Hot off the heels of the 7\” announcing the marriage of minds between Mean Jeans and Fat Wreck comes their brand new full-length. This collection of 12 songs is designed to put a big grin on your face as you enjoy their high octane poppy punk rawk. This just sounds like these three reprobates grabbed a bunch of beers and sat down in the bedroom with the stereo cranking out The Misfits, Ramones, Screeching Weasel and The Methadones and thought to themselves \”shit we can do this too!\”. They swaggered across to the rehearsal room, sat down with their instruments and discovered they actually have a knack for writing a demon set of tunes. Combining elements from all of the above, Mean Jeans are out to have a good time, as song titles like \”4 Coors Meal\” and \”Are There Beers In Heaven?\” would suggest, but this is proper pop-punk glory that hits the spot again and again. I\’ve been meaning to review this one for about a month already but it has been constant rotation for the whole time, as I start to pick my favourite tunes such as \”I Don\’t Care That I Don\’t Care\”, \”Ripped, Shattered & Alone\”. This doesn\’t require too much involvement from the old grey matter, simply whack it in the stereo and enjoy the sounds of the Mean Jeans. Tom Chapman


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