Mean Jeans – Jingles Collection (Fat Wreck)

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If you’re going to shill for the man, then you’d better do it the right way. And by the right way, I mean the Mean Jeans way. Which is write a bunch of insanely catchy, buzzsaw, punk rock tunes that extoll the virtues of their favourite mainstream products. If every advert on TV, the streaming internets and world wide webs doo-hickey followed the Mean Jeans guide to “How to sell shit to people that they don’t want and will never need” then corporate profits and shares would be up and we’d all be a lot fatter, possibly alcohol dependent and diabetic and far less healthy than we actually are, but dammit we’d be surrounded by GREAT music all of the time. I suspect the bands tongues were firmly in their cheeks when this record was written, but I don’t care because all I want now is some Kraft Mac’n’Cheese, and Gaia help me I never thought I’d say this, but I think I want a Coors Light too. Damn you Mean Jeans. Damn you and your insanely catchy jingles to Hell. Oh, and while you’re on your way there, can you grab me a case of Mountain Dew…?  Tim Cundle

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