Mass Movement Presents…NYHC

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Here it is folks, the latest issue of ‘Mass Movement Presents…’, and looks what it’s all about! That’s right kids; it’s our NYHC special! Having been inspired, and had a fire lit under our collective backsides, by Tony Rettman’s book (NYHC 1980-1990), we went back to our roots (yeah, all of the MM staff cut their teeth on the eighties NYHC scene), to the music and scene that first introduced us to HC and produced our own NYHC special featuring Sheer Terror, Underdog, Sean Taggart, Agnostic Front, Chaka Malik, Revelation Records, Freddy Alva, Awkward Thought and much more! Yeah we know, there’s no need to say it and you’re absolutely welcome. You want it? Cool, it’s free. Just hit the download link and voila, it’s all yours. Couldn’t be easier could it? Hell, once you got it, email to your friends and tell them to email it their friends. And so on and so on. Send it to anybody and everybody, the more the merrier, help yourselves. Oh, and one last thing. Enjoy…

Mass Movement Presents… NYHC.

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