Mass Movement 41

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MM 41

That’s right folks, its Mass Movement time again!
Mass Movement #41 is available for free (that’s right, completely free, no catches or caveats) download from the link below. Download, read, enjoy and spread the word …
Mass Movement #41 – Featuring At the Gates, Alec Worley, The Destroyers, Cavalera Conspiracy, Gary Daniels, Kissin’ Dynamite, Revocation, Evergrey, Cripper and many more cool and unusual people and bands, plus all the usual features and columns. And it’s all FREE! What are you waiting for? Hit the link, download and enjoy…

Mass Movement #41

Back Issues
Mass Movement #40
Mass Movement #39
Mass Movement #38
Standard Resolution (for tablets, mobiles etc)  
High Resolution (for PC’s, Mac’s and the old school folks who want to print it and have a hard copy)  
If you’re using a PC/Mac, to open and read Mass Movement online, left click either of the above links. To download it, chose the version you want, right click and then hit save as / save target / save link / save and voila, it’ll be saved to whatever device you want to read it on… Oh yeah, we actively encourage you to send the magazine or the download link on to as many friends, acquaintances and people you know as you can. Mass Movement is designed, and exists, to be shared, read and enjoyed by everyone…
And, just in case you missed out on it, you can still get Mass Movement 37 for free…
Mass Movement #37 (Download here)

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