Maraboots – Dans La Nuit – Version Augmentee LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

Some four years ago we wrote a review of Maraboots\’ swansong, the Ils Ont Tue La Oi! EP and now it seems it\’s time to remind the world just what a fine band they were with this deluxe reissue of their one and only mini album. Deluxe as it has been extended to include their debut EP and songs from their split with Stomper 98 to turn it into a full-length. Maraboots were one of the first of the \”modern\” crop of French oi! bands and they were pretty instrumental in kick-starting what is an influential scene in itself today. Whilst most bands would have looked towards to the old UK and US bands, Maraboots cast their nets much closer to home and set about recapturing the classic French punk and oi! sound. Picking up touches of Komintern Sect and Camera Silens, their sound is augmented by a haunting saxophone that lends a unique flavour. With songs like Schlagstation they have also really caught the mood and sound of Paris. All in all a really worthwhile reissue and a nice collector\’s piece. TomChapman

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