Malevolent Creation – Dead Man’s Path

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Malevolent Creation – Dead Man’s Path CD (Century Media)
With a crushingly powerful intro… spoken words amongst the deeply intense tone of the album’s opening title track, now this could lure any unsuspecting listeners into a false sense of what lays ahead; the brutal onslaught which is about to ensue. Malevolent Creation don’t just smash you in the face, they rip your head completely off! Delivering blast beats and guitar riffs of uncompromising punishment, yet pure clarity, this band are so intense without becoming a wall of noise. Elements of thrash and death metal reign supreme throughout the contents of ‘Dead Man’s Path’ and an underlying tone of hardcore aggression spice the mix to maximum levels. Beautifully brutal, hellishly harsh, whilst still easily audible, that completely sums up Malevolent Creations latest offering. Mark Freebase

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