Magnum – The Valley Of Tears: The Ballads (Steamhammer/SPV)


Magnum fans will revel in the re-mixed and remastered versions of the ten calmer or more laid back tunes that this album has to offer. Those familiar with the band’s music know the power created during their quieter moments. The contents are strangely electrifying, it’s not an acoustic outing, but everything is completely held back and toned down, apart from the emotion and musicality. The dynamics Magnum craft within these slower songs are significantly adult orientated so whether or not this album’s content will please everyone is another matter altogether. But you know what, they’re artists, and they have the right to play this card if they choose. Newcomers to the band would be advised to check out their back catalogue first, but don’t dismiss this release by any means. This collection of classic Magnum ballads is an emotional and atmospheric experience, with the poignant live recording of the Vigilante (epic When The World Comes Down bringing proceedings to a satisfactory close. Uplifting and heartfelt. Mark Freebase


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