Magnum – On Christmas Day


Magnum – On Christmas Day VINYL (Steamhammer/SPV)
Christmas songs… love ‘em or hate ‘em they are everywhere this time of year, obviously! This is melodic rocks contribution with connotations of festivities based around historic wartime drama. The artwork focuses on the events during Christmas 1914 and captures the momentous WWI feel of a famous event. Solid rock as you would expect from this established UK band, and excellent musicianship along with thought provoking and seasonal lyrics which keep the content of the song current for the time of year, no doubt this will please those that can’t abide the usual pop drivel. The accustomed bouncy verses and majestic choruses that you will have come to expect from the band are prominent, along with some rather decent guitar work displayed by Tony ‘The Hat’ Clarkin as well; fittingly ending with church bells n’ all – emotional and full of spirit, another song of melodious yet powerful implication for the thinking man. With two versions of the title track on offer here, a long version and a radio edit version, both may not really be required, as being backed by ‘Born To Be King’ including it’s equally festive feel come across as more of a filler for the 10” vinyl, posing the question… wouldn’t another track spur more incentive for purchase? Nevertheless you know what you’re in for with Magnum, so no complaints there. Mark Freebase

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