Loaded 44 – Come On

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Loaded 44 – Come On CD (STP)
The second album from Sunderland\’s Loaded 44 comes blasting out of the speakers, loud, proud and punk from the word go. There\’s no time for subtleties or hidden agendas, right from the first chords of \”Breakdown\” you know that Loaded 44 wear their punk hearts on their sleeves. Their bouncing up-tempo beats, three chords, rumbling bass, sweet solos and Beki\’s powerful voice sets them apart from the crowd. I love how bands like this play what is essentially a very straight-forward and instantly recognisable style, but when you scratch beneath the surface you can detect a clever blend of 77 English punk with nods across the pond to the likes of Johnny Thunders or Ramones, and the occasional touch of glam rock pops up when you least expect it. There is a big brash rock touch on here too and I\’m reminded at times of prime Lunachicks, which is something not many bands are able to pull off. Loaded 44 go for the big tunes too, with songs like \”Generation Idiot\”, \”Shake It Up\” or \”Love Myself To Death\” featuring hooklines you will be singing and drinking along to in no time. Time to grab another beer and hit repeat. Tom Chapman

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