Lion\’s Law – Zonard 7\” (Une Vie Pour Rien)

Although Lion\’s Law have become a big international name on the punk scene, with this new record they turn their attention inwards and present their first release where the songs are all sung in their native French tongue. They\’ve taken a slightly more rough and ready approach on these songs as they hit you hard where it hurts. Wattie\’s vocals are full of venom and his throat is laden with gravel as he growls his way through these three new songs. Don\’t worry, the tunes are still there with the same killer melodies coaxed from the guitar strings and backing vocals, but this is Lion\’s Law at their leanest, meanest and toughest. They\’re given a hand on the title track by their mates Survet Skins, and having seen both bands live in France earlier this year, I can imagine the pure mayhem that\’s going to break out when they play this tune to a home crowd. Another jewel in Lion\’s Law\’s crown. Tom Chapman

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