Lifesick – 6.0.1. (Southern Lord)

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Lifesick deal in the kind crushing, pulverising Hardcore infused metal that goes straight for the jugular and doesn’t let go until it’s squeezed the last breath from your twitching, writhing corpse.  Hitting with the Wall of Death force of two thousand rabid, crystal meth fuelled, pit crazed Kung Fu militia HC lifers, these guy grind their subservient and willing audience into acquiesce beneath the weight of their barked vocals and heavier than dwarf star alloy riffs. Think Turmoil. Think Destroy the Machines era Earth Crisis and Stampin’ Ground circa Demons Run Amok and you’ll be in the same spike lined, monster filled arena that the bloodied, but unbowed Lifesick call home.  Here comes the pain… Tim Cundle


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