Krang – Singalong (Bird Attack Records)

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I’ve always been a firm believer in the dictum that pain heals, chicks dig scars and glory lasts forever*. It isn’t true, but I still like it and it summed up my teenage attitude to life. Which is the main reason that both of my knees are barely functional, my lower back is a mess and two or three times a month, I have to pop my left shoulder back in as it has a nasty habit of dislocating at the most awkward, and often inappropriate, moments.  Listening to Krang though, I wish like hell that my knees still worked properly and I could still skate, as they play the kind of tunes that I’d listen to over and over while riding from here to there and A to B. Singalong is an infectious ode to the heyday of nineties SoCal punk rock that proudly wears it influences, namely Strung Out, Pennywise and Diesel Boy, on the sleeves of its pit shredded and show torn NOFX shirt. Oh, and with their kick-arse cover of Help, they’ve done the near impossible. They’ve made a Beatles song sound good**. Grab your deck, turn up the volume and let’s skate***…. Tim Cundle

*Girls don’t actually like scars. They think they’re ridiculous. Even if you have a lightning bolt one like Harry Potter does. Which I do.  Mine’s just not in the same place as Harry’s is.

**The Beatles were crap. I know it’s not a popular opinion and you know what?  I don’t care. I’m the only scouser in the world who hates the Beatles. You know why?  My Ma went to nearly all of the Beatles shows at the Cavern and used to play their records on a seemingly endless loop forever and ever when I was a kid, and as such I don’t care if I ever hear a bloody Beatles song again. The Beatles are a vicious childhood nightmare from which there is no escape.

***Providing, of course, that your knees aren’t knackered, that you can still skate and that you actually own a deck.

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