Kiske / Somerville – City Of Heroes


Kiske / Somerville – City Of Heroes CD (Frontiers)
If you miss the 80’s melodies of Helloween and love some female tinged metallic tones then ‘City Of Heroes’ will re-ignite a dowsed flame. Edging towards the sounds of the symphonic metal scene the duo spread the rich resonance of plentiful diversity and compliment one another in such a sincere way. Heavily focusing on harmony and melody within the song structure the combined efforts from metal diva Amanda Somerville and the legendary Kiske will drive lovers of a large clear sound into total rock overdrive. ‘City Of Heroes’ seems to effortlessly divulge a cacophony of accessible rhythms and creating a positive drive from within it’s contents is sure to find it’s way into the play lists of many a melodic metal music fan. Displaying a heavy presence of guitar work, Magnus Karlsson embeds his imprint that dismisses any doubts of total commercial overhaul. What Kiske and Somerville have created carries a robust vibe from the old school, whilst incorporating contemporary melodic feel. Mark Freebase

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