King Of Pigs – Hunger Filth Fear Death CD (DIY)

I’ve seen these fellas tear it up at the wonderful Boom in Leeds a couple of times, so I was keen to get my grubby mitts on a copy of this CD and it does not disappoint. This band from Nottingham should come with a danger warning though – I put the CD on for my drive to work, and I swear I got there twice as quick. They don’t really release their foot off the gas pedal. Good, old-fashioned, no-frills Hardcore punk is order of the day on Hunger Filth Fear Death. This really reminds me of early releases from Kill Your Idols – fast catchy tunes with tough barked vocals.

 In fact there were a few bands around that period such as Out Cold, Last In Line, A-Team, Vitamin X and so on, who didn’t worry about musical trends and just cranked out up-tempo solid tunes and this fits right in with that sound and mind-set. King Of Pigs blast their way through this collection of songs leaving you out breath just listening to them. Round things off nicely with renditions of some of their favourites, and you have yourselves a very tasty little scrap of plastic.  Tom Chapman

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