King Diamond – Dreams Of Horror


King Diamond – Dreams Of Horror CD (Metal Blade)
King Diamond is like Marmite in the world of metal, for those who strike the ‘love’ category here we have a superb two disc collection covering his entire solo career. King Diamond and (original) guitarist Andy LaRocque have enhanced these twenty-three songs that span the twelve studio albums from the renowned Roadrunner and Metal Blade Records catalogues; and a darn fine selection it is too. The undeniably recognisable vocal wail echoes it’s daunting sincerity through every single song – a history lesson from the dark side. The eerie and evil screams ooze painful tales of woe, and cadge a superbly satanic temperament as the King’s concepts continue in a truly metallically majestic fashion. The grandee retro metal feeling, the sharp and poignant guitar work with its polished solos, added with an abundance of originality is what put this innovative frontman well and truly on the metal map; especially back in the 80’s beginnings. There isn’t much variety in styles here, and with KD you know exactly what you are going to get – superbly slick metal connotations that impress the likes of old schoolers and new fans alike. The King is standing the test of time impeccably and only non-believers will say differently. Long live the King! Mark Freebase

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