Katrina Hates The Dead: The Graphic Novel – Russell Nohelty and Juan Frigeri (ComiXology)


“When there is no more room in hell the dead shall roam the earth,” is a famous line from dawn of the dead and Katrina Hates The Dead deals with exactly that situation. Demons, zombies and all manner of supernatural beings have devastated earth and now they’ve settled down. This premise and reading the Cthulhu is Hard to Spell collection that Russell edited (see interview here ) convinced me this would be an original off the wall comic.

The world building is brilliant from the dead-end jobs, several Cerberus roaming the streets to the dilapidated clinic. You see the state of the world and how those humans stuck there have given up. The story takes an interesting turn when Katrina ends up helping her demon ex-lover against Satan. From that point on there was one surprise after another. As you can guess from the review so far, the comic is story driven not character.

Whilst there isn\’t much in the way of character development Katrina is a total bad ass. Despite only being human she has no qualms about taking on evil and her battles reminds me of a video game. The art adds to this feeling due to the colours used and variety of creatures. There are many grotesque and horrible scenes all expertly drawn with a splash page in the doctors near the end of the second book in the series being my favourite.

This book is definitely a horror and because of the absurd nature of the story and some of the characters like Satan I would possibly say it\’s a comedy. However, there aren\’t many funny parts apart from black comedy and there it\’s more action. But the action genre tends to be more serious and this like several horror comedies I have enjoyed has parts I think should have been more serious.

The scene that stuck in my mind most with this problem was when Katrina shoots a nurse in the legs to convince the doctor to save her friend. The doctor doesn\’t react as strongly as he should to his colleague\’s injury. I get that death is all around him so they just save what they can, but this person is bleeding out and works for you. Surely you feel some personal connection or at the least annoyed that if she dies, you\’ll have to get another nurse.

Overall, this is a great story driven comic with a bad ass main character and some excellent world building. It’s hard to put a genre on the piece as its not serious sometimes when it should be, but it feels like a video game not least because of the art. David Jenkins

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