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Jumanji Fluxx (Looney Labs) - Mass Movement

Jumanji Fluxx (Looney Labs)

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I love Fluxx, the card based gaming system that starts with a simple ‘Draw one, play one” rule and gets progressively more complicated and involving the longer the game lasts. Varying between methodical, thought based play and lightning quick rounds, Fluxx demands every ounce of your concentration and rewards it tenfold as you tear through your opponents armour and lurch to victory by achieving the bizarre, and ever changing, goals that it presents to its players. There’s no point in talking about the rules when it comes to Fluxx as just like the most devoted and resolute Student Anarachist groups (oh, the irony of those oxymoronic bodies, the fundamental idea of which has escaped and eluded all of their members since the formation of the first chapter) they change and evolve from one minute to the next and constantly keep you on your toes.  

It is, as you’ve probably already realised, a marmite infused system, as you either love Fluxx or find it absolutely infuriating, and as I’ve already stated, my Fluxx fanclub membership is fully paid and up to date. And when I discovered that Fluxx has jumped into bed with another of my guilty pleasures, Jumanji, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity of spending a little gaming time in Alan Parish’s world and the mythology of the film(s). Revolving around a simple goal centric system that’s based on collecting the right set of Keeper cards, that in turn is kept in check by a series of Action and Danger cards that can flip the game upside down and inside out in an instant, Jumanji Fluxx is game that takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.  Who knew that getting lost in a jungle filled with all manner of deadly, man eating beasts and strange, beguiling artefacts could be this much fun?  Keepers and Action and Danger… Oh my! Tim Cundle

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