Judas Cradle – Mongrel (Self)

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A sage piece of advice that I was given a few decades ago while stripping down, cleaning and rebuilding a brace of .22 rifles was “Hit hard, hit fast and watch the beautiful carnage unfold around you”. And that’s exactly what Judas Cradle do. They attempt to shatter the land speed record with their grinding, thrashing insanity that hits you like Ivan Drago on a steroid bender and then stands over you, pointing and laughing while your body spasms and twitches. Imagine Spazz and Extreme Noise Terror hitching across America while performing songs that celebrated the oncoming apocalypse, and that scene you’re picturing in your mind and those tunes you’re hearing inside your head, that’s Judas Cradle. They’re loud, they’re fast, they’re as nasty as a nasty thing on its nastiest day and they are awesome… Tim Cundle

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