JFA / Rash Decision / B.B.G.C – Split 7” (Dean Lane Hardcore /RD)

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I’m aware that the term “three way split” has a whole other meaning in the age of internet sauciness, but as far as I’m concerned it’s only ever meant one thing. Three bands pooling their resources and tunes to deliver a mind melting collection of punk rock and HC tunes, which is what the kings of Skate Punk JFA, the faster than Speedy Gonzalez pit mangling machine Rash Decision and Bristolian HC brawlers BBGC do on this beautiful slab of ripping punk rock goodness*. They hit hard, they hit fast and all three bands leave a twisted, sweaty pile of happy musical madness in their wake. And all you want to do as soon as it’s over (which, is all too soon) is play it again and again and again and again. Punktastic…  Tim Cundle

*If you do fancy picking it up, and let’s face it you’d have to be a proper dum-dum not to, then you can it order it here

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