It Ruined My Life… Nat Gyll-Murray (Swansong)

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A moment that changed everything…There’s a hundred things I could write about and this one sounds a bit naff but when I met my husband it was a game changer (but probably not for the mushy reasons you would think). I had just moved to Cornwall and it was at an illegal secret festival. I already lived for music but he opened up a new world to me… He was in a band that toured (he left for Europe from that gig after they played their set, how very punk rock maaaan) and he was doing it because he loved it – this isn’t music that most people like but he was doing it passionately and at 100miles an hour anyway. I met other musicians and I was encouraged to (finally) start my own band and do something with the songs and lyrics I had been writing for years and years. We went on tour together in Europe and I discovered a million more bands and people and a different way of doing things. I booked tours for my own band all around the UK and it just kick started everything that I had been procrastinating with for years and years.

Nat Gyll-Murray is the singer/guitarist in Swansong, an noise alt rock band and vocalist in F. Emasculata, an X Files inspired hardcore band. Swansong are about to release their  debut album Circles .  Nat also writes Ugly Love  fanzine which covers a variety of topics from feminism and music to comics and reviews. Check out previous issues for interviews with Jennifer Finch (L7), Steve Moriarty (The Gits) and lots more… 


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