Iron Reagan & Gatecreeper – Split LP (Relapse)

And yay, the Lords of the Mosh did unleash upon the world their Weapon of Mass Thrash Destruction, a devilish confederacy of Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper containing eight of the hardest slam anthems ever committed to vinyl. United by their mission to subdue, subjugate and enslave the masses by thrashing them to atoms, these Behemoths of Crossover Chaos and Metal Madness gazed upon the Earth, flipped it the bird and with furious thrashing abandon, hurled themselves at it and all who dwelled upon its surface.

First came Iron Reagan with their five pronged, rapid fire, thrashed out and crossed over blitzkrieg attack that brought the world to its knees. And with their thrashing they did shake the very ground itself.  Following the devastation wreaked by Iron Reagan, and striking when Earth was at its weakness, came Gatecreeper, whose threefold crushing thrash onslaught , forged at the anvil of Celtic Frost by the combined might of Destruction and Death, pulverised everyone and everything, bar the faithful, that was left in their path.

The Lords of Mosh saw this and were pleased by the carnage wrought by two of their favourite sons, for great amusement did they take in the thrashing of the masses and the ruination of those unfamiliar with the chugging riff and the relentless frantic ferocity of the double kick pedal. And happy too were the faithful, who having been granted the boon and bounty of Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper created the world’s biggest circle pit in their honour and fueled it for eternity with the eight strong hymns of thrash glory that had brought madness to the world. Let there be thrash…  Tim Cundle

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