Insanity – Toss A Coin (Bastardized Recordings)


I always figured that it was a given that, when it came to mainland New York influenced Hardcore, Ryker’s would always be the biggest dogs in the yard, watching out for, and slapping down, any and all competition and challengers to their alpha role. Well, I guess they took their eyes off the prize for a second and when they did, Insanity seized their opportunity, grabbed the ball and ran with it. Toss A Coin is a rabid LES flavoured slab of hit hard and then hit harder Hardcore that beats you down with its high energy fusion of Sick Of It All, Ryker’s, Crown of Thornz and Leeway and just makes you want to slam your brains out all day and every day.  Some bands are destined to live on their knees, crawling through the mud for all eternity and some are destined to stand tall, head and shoulders above everyone else,ing govern the Hardcore scene from on high. Insanity are the latter. They were born to rule. Meet your new Kings…  Tim Cundle

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