Insanity Alert – Self Titled (Season of Mist)

This Austrian quartet thrashes in exactly the way you’d expect given the records cover. Hard. Fifteen raging neck-breakers that will have you skanking like it was the mid-80s all over again (if you were there in the first place) and if you did miss out, here is your opportunity to find out exactly what it was you missed out on. Insanity Alert is a heads down, no nonsense, thrash/crossover assault that as well as delivering the thrash and then some, wears a crucial old school smirk all over its face as it indulges in the oh-so-important humorous lyrical content – a skill that so many of today’s bands seem to have forgotten or never bothered to learn in the first place. The metallic riffs come fast and furious, along with a well assembled vocal assault means that Insanity Alert has  a little more crossover appeal than the likes of Municipal Waste and (dare I say it..?) latter day Suicidal Tendencies. While the song titles and subject matter aren’t exactly original, it doesn’t matter as these guys do it so well. Closing with a cover of the Maiden classic, but aptly re-titling and re-constructing the lyrics, Run To The Pit ensures that Insanity Alert have one final trump card to play on this incredible record. Now excuse me while I fuck off and DIVE!  Mark Freebase

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