Impavidus – Eradication of Mankind (Self-Released)

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Some of the best bands you’ll ever hear are not signed to any label, major or minor. I’ve said this repeatedly over the years and still stand by my statement. UK band Impavidus prove this by offering up their second EP entitled Eradication of Mankind. Genre classification for Impavidus is slippery as they cross the boundaries between styles of rock and metal effortlessly, refusing to pigeonhole their sound into any specific category. Rather they craft great songs that are certain to lodge themselves into your list of favorites. Many of my friends and readers know that I usually badger a band about releasing EPs instead of full-length albums but with great songs like Reprisal, Lies, Void and XII I can find no room for complaint. These songs are masterfully composed and the band obviously chose to mix the album to perfection. Many DIY groups have to sacrifice quality in order to get their music to the masses but Impavidus has sacrificed nothing. Eradication of Mankind is a solid chunk of metal that should appeal to metal-heads of many different sorts and inclinations. From hauntingly melodic to bone-crushingly heavy, Impavidus has created metal so diverse, so catchy and so difficult to slot into a genre that you’re bound to love it as much as I do. Jim Dodge

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