High On Fire – Luminiferous

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High On Fire – Luminiferous CD (Century Media)
With their seventh studio album High On Fire have really pulled out all the stops to produce a brutally hate fuelled riff ferocity of purest heavy metal. ‘Luminiferous’ is an utterly relentless pounding of crazed rhythms and (trade mark) raw edges raging hard throughout the nine songs present. This ain’t pretty music; this ain’t crying out for radio airplay, but what it is generating for those lucky enough to be checking it out is gratifyingly pleasing – dirty and aggressive. The thrashed up pace of ‘The Black Pot’ will knock many people for six whilst ‘Carcosa’ possesses a driving rhythm so devilishly potent it has skull crushing potential. The shear weight of ‘The Falconist’s bassline is one most band will strive to endeavour, and all this from a measly trio! ‘Luminiferous’ is by far the greatest album High On Fire have delivered to date, and it’s exactly what metal is needing. Mark Freebase

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