High Command – Beyond the Walls of Desolation (Southern Lord)

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Given their name and the title of their debut album, I expected this crew of Crossover obsessives to deliver a record capable of crushing anything that was foolhardy enough to stand in its path. And sure enough, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Beyond the Walls of Desolation isn’t just heavy, it’s weightier than the core of a dwarf star and powerful enough to satisfy Galactus’ hunger for a hundred millennia.

High Command believe in striking first and continuing to hit hard with their riff laden, mosh soaked crossover attack that has one goal; to thrash the world into oblivion.  Channelling the aggression and raw power of Razor, Kreator and Possessed into a raging, thrash onslaught for the twenty first century, High Command are on a mission to pound each and every soul they come into contact with into a state of pure thrash ecstasy. And with Beyond the Walls of Desolation, they’ve fulfilled all of the parameters of their assignment. Lock and load, it’s thrashing time…  Tim Cundle

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