Hierophant – Peste

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Hierophant – Peste (Bridge Nine)
There have been plenty of metal and hardcore records that touch on the darkside of mankind – the wars, the torture, the famine and diseases. Integrity for one wrote the blue print on the demon inside all of us. Italian Hierophant have re­-opened that box of Pandora and added some more fuel to the ever-­burning hatred. The titles of \’Peste\’ might be in Italian, but \’Egoismo\’, \’Paranoia\’, \’Apatia\’ or \’Sadismo\’ are self­-explanatory in most European languages. It\’s all pure acid from the darkest and most sinister scientists of metal(core), and beats even the band\’s previous effort \’Great Mother; Holy Monster\’ to the punch. Even the horrific cover speaks volumes. Martijn Welzen

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