Hellboy And The B.P.R.D.: Long Night At Goloski Station – Mike Mignola, Matt Smith, Dave Stewart & Clem Robins (Dark Horse Comics)

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The things that you do in life, they have a nasty habit of eventually catching up with you and as Hellboy has discovered on more than one occasion, no good deed goes unpunished.  Saving the world from evil is a tricky business, especially when evil has a long memory and a lot of friends who are to eager court its favour and please it. When Big Red arrives at Goloski Station for a rendezvous that isn’t going to happen, that’s exactly the situation that he finds himself in when the allies of an old adversary turn up looking for a modicum of revenge. But even though evil has more supplicants than the Devil has souls, it’s also made its fair share of enemies along the way, and one of the many individuals wronged by its insidious nature decides that it’s time for a little payback and to even the odds, giving Hellboy a chance of making it through his Long Night at Goloski Station.

In twenty five or so pages Mike Mignola weaves a tale of Warlocks, demons, werewolves, curses, deals with the devil and a surprisingly long lived hunter that transposes High Noon to the winter blasted wastelands of Siberia that adds a slice of wonderfully inventive goat based folklore to Hellboy mythology. Mignola does all of that, and more, in a single issue. I know it sounds like I’m blowing smoke up a place where smoke has no right to be, but it would take most writers an entire series to tell a tale that possesses, and packs, half as much literary punching power as Long Night does. Delightfully dark and blackly humorous, Long Night is  intelligent, thought provoking, drenched in detail and thanks in no small part to the devastatingly intricate and meticulous artwork of Matt Smith, it’s a book that you’ll keep returning to time and time again and on each occasion that you do, you’ll dscover something new to savour and enjoy.  And that boys and girls, is why Hellboy is still, and will always be, the King of Four Colour Mountain…  Tim Cundle

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