Hazard Profile – Slime 7” (Kibou/Sick World/Sanctus Propaganda/Urinal Vinyl)


It’s really hard these days to review something without listing all the previous acts the various band members have served time with, but let’s give it a go, shall we? You don’t need to know who’s who in Hazard Profile, or why they have an unhealthy fixation with Star Wars stormtroopers – what you do need to know is that they rage along at a breathless pace and have plenty of strong opinions to impart about the sorry state of our nation.

Opener ‘No Vision’ kicks off with a simplistic stompy intro that recalls the likes of early Chaos UK before quickly accelerating into a more intense stratosphere where you will be lashed to within an inch of your miserable life by the unadulterated ferociousness of the vocals. However, a welcome ‘less is more’ approach keeps even the noisiest thrasher to be had here somehow memorable with plenty of indignant hooks to shout in the face of unsuspecting passers-by.

The title track is constructed around blasts of near grindcore jarringly alternating with an upbeat nod to vintage punk rock and some lurching discord, the listening experience something akin to being tossed around a violent circle pit – just as you find your feet, you’re yanked in another direction to be ragged about some more.

The whole EP is similarly disconcerting, arrangements wound incredibly tight and threatening to unspool into chaos at any moment. If you enjoyed the blur of distortion that was the UKHC scene of the late Eighties and still insist on your hardcore punk being delivered with genuine intensity, Hazard Profile can kick you down the stairs with the best of ‘em. Ian Glasper


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