Hard Evidence – S/T LP/ CD (Rebellion/ Longshot)

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I remember reviewing the debut mini album from this band a couple of years back, and I recall being impressed with their tough catchy take on streetpunk, reminding me of the Old Firm Casuals. Things have been rather quiet around this St. Louis\’ outfit in more recent times so I thought they had split, but this new release shows reveals a new line-up, a fresh sound and a band that is fighting fit. The evolution reminds me of French band The Headliners whose latest album I reviewed here. Sticking with their streetpunk roots, Hard Evidence have gone down a more melodic route;  I can hear hints of sounds like Stiff Little Fingers, The Crack and at times even Cheap Trick or The Who here and there. Catchy anthemic punk tunes that isn\’t afraid to rock\’n\’roll, see songs such as \”It Won\’t Be Long\” or \”Electric Shock\” for shining examples of their rocking sound. Other tunes like \”Draw The Line\” have a more back to the roots punk sound. I have to admit I am a sucker for the more tuneful streetpunk style, and the dish that Hard Evidence have served up here is a very tasty one indeed. Tom Chapman


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