HANG THE BASTARD have to pull out of the tour with Entombed A.D. in UK


HANG THE BASTARD’s vocalist Tomas Hubbard has actually had a very bad week which has involved him in being kept in hospital for 3 days. He has had a back problem for two months and on Monday morning, he actually couldn’t walk. He is currently on crutches/wheelchair with heavy doses of morphine. The band is very sad to announce that they have to pull out of the UK tour with Swedish Death Metal legends Entombed A.D.

Tomas Hubbard comments on this: \”First and foremost I would like to apologize for the lateness of this news. I have been waiting to see if I could muster up the strength and stubbornness to bare through it…On Monday I got rushed to hospital in the early hours in severe amounts of pain in my lower back and couldn\’t move my legs properly. After spending a very morphine endorsed trip to the Royal Berkshire hospital (god or not? bless the NHS) I have a disc in my back that\’s popped out of place, I have limited feeling in my legs and feet due to my nerve stem in my spine. Having been under all manner of bizarre machines and sorcery, it would seem I will walk and in theory recover fully in the months to come. I sadly despite wanting to more than you can imagine, can\’t tour/rock out as I can\’t actually even walk without aid at present. I am so sorry to my fellow band mates and fans of the band equally for basically being a state and ruining a dream of a line up tour. We have spent a lot of money on flights and merch for the tour so are now gutted and in a tough spot. We just wanna get out on the road as soon as possible and put this huge disappointment behind us and riff. We will be back in action, primed, healed and eager to play as many shows as possible in the upcoming year, thank you for supporting us this far. I\’m so frustrated and sorry for any disappointment caused.”


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