Hammerheart to release the legendary Sorcerer\’s definitive compilation

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Hammerheart Records will release the legendary Sorcerer’s definitive 1988-1992 compilation on Deluxe CD and Deluxe 2-LP!

In May Hammerheart Records will do the definitive Sorcered release by releasing “The Sorcerer” Compilation. “The Sorcerer” will be released on deluxe CD format, limited to 500 copies and as a double-vinyl limited to 500 copies. Both versions will run close to 80 minutes and feature all the recordings Sorcerer made. The material will feature the legendary “Sorcerer” demo 1989 and the “The Inquisition” demo 1992 in their full versions, remixed in 1995.

Sorcerer was active from 1988 until 1992, and again since 2010 and originate from Stockholm, Sweden. Especially the “The Inquisition” demo from 1992 is considered to be a masterpiece of epic heavy doom metal as only Swedes can produce and ranked highly among the community of classic doom disciples worldwide.

Sorcerer today is: Johnny Hagel (ex-Tiamat, Order of Isaz) on bass, the incredible voice of Anders Engberg (ex-Therion, 220 Volt), Kristian Niemann (ex-Therion, Demonoid), Ola Englund (The Haunted) on guitar and Robert Iversen on drums. On the recordings 1988-1992 Johnny Hagel and Anders Engberg were part of and the key factor of Sorcerer’s sound, that is somewhere between Candlemass, Rainbow and Solitude Aeturnus.

Hammerheart Records have always been fans of these recordings and are extremely proud to re-issue them in a fitting package.

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