Green River Killer: A True Detective Story (Second Edition)– Jeff Jensen & Jonathan Case (Dark Horse)

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It’s 1990 and Seattle detective Tom Jensen has just been handed the biggest case of his or anyone else’s career for that matter. For 10 long years Seattle has been in the grip of a serial killer simply known as The Green River Killer, due to his favored spot to dump the bodies being Seattle’s Green River. Having already notched up 48 kills, the killer is still at large. Sadly this isn’t a piece of fiction. Gary Leon Ridgway was eventually apprehended and is now believed to be involved in the killing of at least 90 people mostly sex workers and vulnerable girls in this truly disturbing account penned by Tom Jensen’s son Jeff, from his father’s perspective.

The opening pages alone are enough to send shivers down your spine with Ridgway befriending a young boy in attempt to find out what it feels like to kill someone. What follows is an account of Jensen’s 180 day attempt to interview Ridgway, get inside his head, see what makes him tick and hopefully find the location of some his other victims. Dig a bit deeper though and what you also get is a story of family and the effects of dealing with such a case.

The artwork by Jonathan Case is basic and stark, which perfectly accompanies the way Jensen has presented this fascinating and thought provoking piece of true crime. The lingering fact that it’s based on real life events brings a chilling realness to the book which is hard to shake. But then that’s what the best true crime books do. Enthralling stuff…  Chris Andrews

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