Graveyard Shifters – Welcome to Sherwood EP (Self)

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Everyone’s* favourite high octane, crossover tinged punk’n’roll wrecking crew have come out swinging with Welcome to Sherwood.  It’s been a while since the Shifters and yours truly crossed paths, the last time was when they unleashed High Heels and Broken Bones on the world, but time is irrelevant as far as these cats are concerned and with Welcome to Sherwood it’s business as usual. And their business, in case you hadn’t already guessed is playing balls out, maximum voltage rock’n’roll that kicks like an amphetamine fuelled mule and makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  One day all rock’n’roll bands will be as awesome as the Graveyard Shifters, but until that day arrives we’ll just have to make do with Welcome to Sherwood. Woooooooooooo! Tim Cundle

*And by everyone, I mean me.

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