Graveyard – Peace (Nuclear Blast)

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Despite the retro fuzziness and organ of opening track ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’, there’s a distinctly Motorhead-esque feel to the song, which slightly wrong-footed me as I was expecting the bands usual blend of soulful 70s rock; but given what seemed to be the bands ‘permanent’ breakup less than 6 months ago I guess they’re not as predictable as we once thought. ‘Cold Love’ does however return the band to terra firma with its gritty vocal and groove ridden riffage – a mix the Scandinavians have mastered (think Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus etc.) ‘See The Day’ evokes a more ethereal, almost proggy feel, contrasting with the bands more bullish opening tracks. It’s back to swaggering hard Rock n Roll on the pounding ‘Please Don’t’ before the band throw a another curveball in ‘The Fox’ – with its main riff a dead ringer for Nirvana’s ‘About A Girl’. The gentle, loose swing of ‘Del Manic’ features one of the standout vocal performances of the album and for me one of the best tracks overall, as it builds to a brooding stomp before fading into a mellow haze. The atmospheric rolling ‘Low (I wouldn’t Mind)’ closes the album reprising the bands 70s vibe. For the uninitiated this is a great introduction to the Scandinavian stoners, while at the same time introducing some interesting twists for long-time fans. Ian Pickens

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