Grade 2 – Mainstream View 10\”/ CD (Contra)

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After putting the Isle of Wight back on the oi! map with their debut 7\” and split EP with Saints and Sinners, Grade 2 have taken some big steps with this new release. From the outset they have managed to forge their own style of oi!, kind of blending the hard approach of the 4 Skins with the melodic style of Lion\’s Law. With this release they build on those foundations and have put together their best material yet – the songs are memorable, well written and performed with style. It\’s the combination of the shouted lead vocals and melodic backing singing that works perfectly, making each song a singalong anthem. Think of big choruses from the likes of Argy Bargy or Perkele – well Grade 2 are of that calibre, quite amazing considering the boys are still teenagers! In particular \”Is This You\” is a tune I could listen to over and over again. I\’m really impressed with the high standard of this release and hope to catch them live soon. Tom Chapman

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