Good Friend – The Erin Rose EP (Red Scare)

This record was due to come out much earlier but due to rescheduled tours and you know… that thing. This was getting delayed until the band no doubt said fuck it, these songs need to see the light of day. Well I’m glad they did as this is a fabulous little EP. Three songs of anthemic punk chock full of feeling. The foot is firmly OFF the gas pedal, as Good Friend crank out the songs slow and steady. In a world that is revolving ever more quickly, it is pretty good to slow down a little and enjoy the music.

Lyrically there is a lot of introspection, covering topics such as battling those mental health demons, and simply missing friends and life on the road. That second issue really rings true here. When you listen to bands, sometimes you can tell whether they do it as a job, or just do it for shits and giggles, or if it is an essential outlet for their creative passion. With Good Friend I’m sure we are dealing with the latter. Melodic punk tunes, delivered with heart, what’s not to love? Tom Chapman

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