Gonna Get Yours – A Thousand Faces LP/ CD (Une Vie Pour Rien)

I haven\’t heard from this French band for some time but like a fine wine sometimes you just have to wait a bit before opening the bottle to release the magic. Gonna Get Yours are a modern French oi! band but not necessarily following the fashion of a lot of bands doing the rounds these days, GGY aren\’t looking back at the French forefathers but are forging their own style. They know and respect their roots, and this is a solid oi! album that nods and winks to the likes of Bishops Green or the Rejects along the way, without ever really going down the copycat route so top marks there as it can be hard to be creative in what can be a narrow musical spectrum. Musically it is rock solid, with driving overloaded basslines powering the tunes, sneaking in some guitar melodies all over the shop that lend an air of diversity. The vocals are of the gruff but melodic school, and this is going to be an obscure reference that may go over people\’s heads but I\’m reminded of Finnish bands like I Walk The Line or Wasted. No worries if you have no idea what I\’m talking about, the singing is rough with hints of desperation rather than rage – just listen to album closer My Loss for a great example of how you can take that basic oi! sound and come up with something pretty unique. This one was a slow burner for me, but by the second or third listen I picked up on the subtleties of the GGY sound and in doing so have discovered a great record. Tom Chapman

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