Goldfinger – The Knife (Rise Records)

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Goldfinger? Damn, there’s a name from past that I never thought I’d see adorning the cover of a new record again, but they’re back and with an all-star* line-up too. Along with Bad Religion, Pennywise, NOFX, Lagwagon and a whole load more, these guys were the soundtrack to my nineties summers, their near perfect combination of ska and high energy, anthemic pop punk that was almost impossible to dislike. Even for a perpetually miserable old bugger like me. And The Knife is like they haven’t missed a beat in the last two decades**, because it’s crammed full of their usual Green Day meets Sublime, six pack infused, good time punk rock. I don’t care how punk you think you are, by the time this record is halfway through; you’ll be singing along with Goldfinger, cracking open your second beer and raising a toast to The Knife. Welcome back Goldfinger, this beer’s for you….  Tim Cundle

*Seriously, do the Googles thing and check out who’s doing what in the band…

**The last time I picked up a Goldfinger record. Way back in the mists of the time. Or as most folks refer to it, the nineteen nineties…

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