Goatsnake – Black Age Blues


Goatsnake – Black Age Blues CD (Southern Lord)
Damn this is good. Positively dripping with vibe and the kind of vocals that made you sit up and take notice when Kyuss hit the scene (courtesy of Scream/Wool man Pete Stahl). Kicking off with the infectious Blues soaked Doom of ‘Another River To Cross’ Goatsnake invigorate a scene that has become saturated and almost impossible to review without rehashing clichés. With a few neat little twists such as the gospel vocals of ‘House Of The Moon’, or the harmonica breaks in the bastard offspring of Black Sabbath and ZZ Top that is ‘Elevated Man’ and ‘Jimi’s Gone’ Goatsnake have revived my interest in all things sludgy. This just leapt into my Top Ten albums of the year. If you like HEAVY you have to buy this album. Ian Pickens

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