Giuda – Rock ‘N’ Roll Music (Rise Above Records)

Let’s get things straight from the off. I loved Gary Glitter and his music before we all found out that he was a massive fucking nonce. It’s hard to even contemplate listening to his stuff now without getting more than a nasty taste in the back of your throat, and rightly so. Now, if you thought Giuda had tried every trick in the 1970s UK glam rock ‘n’ roll handbook, then you’d be wrong. Over the last decade, the crazy Italians have taken us on many a bovver boy meets Racey excursion, but with brand new 7” Rock ‘N’ Roll Music, they’ve gone full-on Glitter Band!

With a dry, pounding floor tom and handclaps on cue with the snare drum, the intro guitar attack rings like Top of the Pops never happened. There’s gonna be a fist-pumping “HEY!” soon, isn’t there? Yep, there it is! Christ, I could happily listen to this 30 second intro on a loop for three and a half minutes; it’s an unmistakable Glitter musical homage. Ideally, moving forward, we could use a chorus call and response concerning the words “rock” and “roll.” Do we get one? Of course we fucking do!

Giuda will still leave people scratching their heads. Can these crazy Italians be for real? It matters not for this glam lover. Call it nostalgia or whatever you want; rock ‘n’ roll is rock ‘n’ roll and Giuda do it with true glam rock aplomb. Backed with Born Under a Bad Sign, pre-orders for the single are already under way. I no longer have to feel dirty when Rock and Roll (Part 2) randomly pops in my head. Giuda have made things alright again. “HEY!” Ginge Knievil

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