Giuda – E.V.A. (Rise Above Records)

When you’re several albums to the good, there comes a point where a band may have a major decision to make. Do they stick to the tried and tested formula that brought success, or do you gamble, evolve your sound and possibly venture into the unknown? In the case of Italian glam rockers Giuda, it’s the latter. It’s (almost) goodbye to the bootboy football terrace chants and hello to, well, erm… outer space! And what’s that? There’s synths? Hold me!

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here, because underneath the layers, the glam spirit still shines. Opener Overdrive is a more refined version of what we’ve come to expect from Giuda; that is, chant-a-long choruses and big retro guitar riffs. There’s still enough Glitter Band stomp on offer, too. See Space Walk, which is (more or less) an instrumental alongside Space Go and Ravers Rock.  Now might be a good time to swap your platform boots for your disco shoes, especially where Cosmic Love is concerned. Don’t panic as You’ve Got the Power has enough to keep fans of old happy, while I’ve Had Enough borrows heavily from the Sex Pistols’ Pretty Vacant.

By no means is E.V.A. a bad album, it’s just not what you’d fully expect from Giuda. In more ways than one, there’s a strong argument that this is their Hot Space moment. Now the band have dipped their toes into the 1980s, here’s to hoping they hop on their Mk 2 Raleigh Choppers and travel back to the 1970s again. Ginge Knievil

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